About N.J. Jones

After attending a Summer Playwrights Workshop at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in May 2016, Jones fashioned POETRY GIRL so that U.C. CCM, Acting Program students could give voice to members of the cast in the poem-play.

Early in Jones’ career, she taught English to sophomores and juniors in high school and always shared her own writing with those students. Students produced a collection of their own work in a literary magazine called JAZZ.

Jones’ one-woman show ABOVE THE 37th PARALLEL raised more than $40,000 featured actress Sherman Fracher, directed by Drew Fracher, and was performed at four different venues in three different states.

Jones and her husband Richard L. Sippel have established this website www.poetrygirl.org so proceeds from the downloading of the recording or the manuscript will be divided among three non-profits that Jones and Sippel know and respect in their community in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Copyright 2017 by N.J. Jones